Short story

It wouldn’t be long now. He would walk around the corner and everything would be alright. I just needed his smile to make the clouds go away. I felt the blood drip from my fingers into my lap. The steady drips spattering along my leg. I was speckled in it, from head to toe, blood was everywhere. Even the room was covered with a new layer of red paint. The body to my right had stopped moving a while ago now. Her heart now residing, uncomfortably, in my stomach.

He was here. He walked around the doorway and stared into my eyes. I saw his features crinkle in disgust as he looked around the room. I looked up at him desperately. I just needed him to comfort me, I did all this for him. It was his fault. He looked down at me and I smiled at him, the crusted blood cracking around my mouth. With a slow movement he knelt in front of me and looked at my blood smeared hands. When he looked back at me, he smiled the smile I was desperate to see. I flung my arms around him and was suddenly filled with a passion I had never known. A fire flared into life in my stomach and blazed a path towards my throat. It took me a few seconds to see the fire then leave my body in a red stream. I heard him laugh as he moved out of my arms and my vision went black.


He re-sheathed his knife as the body before him went cold. He stepped back to the door to look over the carnage he had knowingly caused. He laughed with delight as he said a small incantation. In less than an instant, the room went from red to it’s original shade of yellow. If it had been slowed to be viewable by a normal human eye, you would see the blood swarm to a vial hidden under his jacket and the bodies on the floor disintegrate into dust.

Still smiling as he left, he walked out of the building, onto the busy street, and the door shut with a final click that signaled the end of one chapter and the start of a new one.

The End

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