Ok, this story is about a girl called Bekki. (I've just re-read this and decided its rubbish. I may post an edited version at some point).

I knocked on the door, once twice three times. I waited for a minuet not expecting her to answer. A minuet passed, I knocked again. I heard her voice shout something unintelligible to the shut door. I hear the lock click open and the door creak forward. Suddenly I was enveloped in hugs from Emma.

“My goodness! Where have you been? I’ve missed you so much!” Emma cried. I’d missed her too, of course I had! She was my best friend.

“Oh Emma, I missed you too!” I said sadly.

“Come inside, we have to have a massive catch up!” She replied not wanting me to leave her. I walked through the open door into the hallway. It was painted in a dull shade of white with fluffy white carpet. I slipped off my shoes not wanting to leave marks on Emma’s carpet, I knew if I did I’d be the one cleaning them! She walked through a wooden door and I did likewise. We where in her lounge and my god it was big!! I sat down in an arm chair in the corner of the room.  Emma dragged a chair across the carpeted floor and sat next to me. We sat in silence for a while, but Emma broke the silence to ask:

“Why are you here?” I felt slightly hurt, didn’t she want me here?

“I came to see you, I missed you!” I replied. Emma rolled her eyes in the most annoyed way.

“Why are you really here? No one’s seen or heard from you in about a year then you come marching back into my life? No there has to be a reason!” She yelled angrily. I was annoyed not because she was yelling or accusing but because she was right! I had no reason to be here, hurting her more! But she had to know of the dangers that where coming, I couldn’t live with myself knowing she died at the hands of the enemy! I took in a deep breath and stood up. Emma copied my motion and stood up as well.

“Emma I’m a vampire” I moaned softly. She laughed!

“You’re still funny as ever!” Emma laughed but seeing the look on my face she stopped abruptly “Oh come on! You don’t believe this do you Bekki?”

“Yes Emma I do! It’s the truth!” I tilted my head to the side so she had a clear view of my neck “Look! Bite marks!” I indicated pointing at them. She laughed again louder and more freely this time.

“You’re crazy! That’s a drawn on scar mark!” She yelled really annoyed now.

“Emma, don’t you know me at all? I would never make this up!” I screamed.

She slipped as I pushed her. Her arm hit a vase as she fell, slitting her arm open. She screamed in pain she tried to stand but she couldn’t move. I couldn’t stop staring at her arm, she was losing so much blood. It pushed me over the edge, I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't hold my anger and my thirst in, I pounced! Blood blood so much blood! All around me blood, I craved it! Blood scarlet red dripping. It smelt so good, tasted so good on my once innocent lips! I drank heavily from the wounded body, I felt no remorse for the corpse’s blood I was drinking. I couldn’t care less! I stopped suddenly; my conscious caught up with me (!) this was the body of my sister! I’d killed my own sister, what kind of a monster was I?

The End

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