I am..

Lonely thoughts.

I need someone to talk to,
I need somewhere to cry,
But looking at my boyfriend
You all just wonder why..

You all saw him cry, not me
'Cause I cry alone
Though Nick told me not to
I'm safer in my home

It's not worth it any more
Crying every day
Falling apart in lessons
Letting my voice fade away

But why bother to contribute
With questions or answers - wrong
When I could sit in silence
And still not know what's going on

It's not worth the tears this time
I cried already tonight
Getting pretty tiring
To be asked if I'm alright

I'd like to get lost in my head now
I'd like to be free to say what I like
But the words that come out of my mouth
Mean nothing, like me, they're useless..

The End

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