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Ian  promised he'd change himself for her. He told her he loved her and she believed everything he said. 

Taylor wanted to confront Ian about it, but she didn't want to make him angry. He wasn't Ian when he was mad. He always did things he regreted when he was angry. 

The girls finally walked out of the bathroom and quickly down the hall way. 

"A freaking tomato," Taylor repeated. 

The lump had come back to her throat. Cut you coward, her brain screamed at her. You're a fat red tomato, cut bitch. The voice in her head was so loud. You deserve this.

"I deserve this," she said out loud. 

She sank to the floor rummaging through her purse for her eyeliner sharpener. She didn't have a tiny screw driver so she stood up and crushed the sharpener. Her hand shook violently as she picked up the blade. 

You deserve this. You're so pathetic. Everyone can see that. She set that cold, sharp blade to her arm, pushed down and slid it across her arm. She finally began to cry, as the blood ran down her arm. 

Taylor sat on the floor until the bell rang for her last class. She had a million missed calls from Ian and Stefan. She kept her books close to her chest and kept her face towards the floor. She heard giggles and whispers as she hurried through the halls. 

The End

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