Blocked InMature

After class, Taylor walked into an empty bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't like her reflection. She hated everything about herself. Every time someone pointed out a flaw, it stayed with her. She could never forget about it. 

Heels were loudly walking in the direction of the bathroom. Taylor quietly walked into a stall. 

"I mean have you seen her hair? She looks like a freaking tomato," Rachel's voice echoed. A few other girls laughed. 

Rachel couldn't stand competition. She wanted Taylor out of her school for good. 

"Little does she know, Ian and I have history. I've even managed to sink my claws into him a few times lately." 

Taylor made a face. That had to have been before he promised her he'd change. 

"She's stupid to believe that he loves her," another voice said. 

"He doesn't want to be with her anymore. He loves me. He's just trying to spare her feelings. I heard that she's suicidal," Rachel's voice echoed again. 

Stupid bitch, Taylor thought. Taylor's face was still. She was trying hard not to cry

The End

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