Blocked InMature

"Well I'll see you after class, seeing as how we've been moved across the room from each other," Stefan chuckled. 

"It's because you talk to much," Taylor smiled

Stefan stuck his toung out at her. The bell rang and all of the students quickly took their seats. Stefan watched Taylor sit down.  She seemed distracted while they were walking through the hall, he thought. 

While Dr. Martin went on with his Civil War information, Stefan played with two erasers. Taylor looked back at Stefan, who looked bored out of his mind. She threw a smile his way. 

He always thought she had the most beautiful smile. He never really saw if much anymore though. Something was wrong with her. He wasn't sure what and he wasn't sure he wanted to know. He smirked at her making her giggle. 

"Mr. Conner's, Miss. Halder, am I interuping?" Dr. Martin asked. 

"No sir," Stefan said. Taylor shook her head. A few girls behind Stefan were trying to stiff their giggles. Taylor rolled her eyes, annoyed with all of the girls at school today. 

The End

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