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She slammed her palm on her locker door. She took a deep breath and turned around. Stefan was coming up the stairs from the old gym. She put a smile on her face and looked up at him. 

"Hey Taylor," he said, with a half grin.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" 

"Sure." His grin dissapeared. 

"Have you talked to Josh today?" 

"No, not yet. I have class with him after lunch. Why?"

"I was just wondering."

Taylor looked around the hallway. She saw Josh standing by the school trophy case with no one other than Rachel Head. The on girl that hated Taylor more than Taylor hated herself. Rachel and Taylor used to be friends until Stefan dumped Rachel. She always thought it was because Stefan wanted to be with Taylor, even though Taylor was with Ian. 

"So that's why he ignored me," she whispered to herself. 

"What?" Stefan asked, looking in the same direction. 

Stefan and Taylor walked in Josh's direction towards their U.S. History class. She looked over at Josh and Rachel for a moment. Rachel had a smug look on her face. Taylor rolled her eyes and turned back towards Stefan. 

The End

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