Blocked InMature

He still didn't say anything to her. He walked passed her and sat five computers away from her, leaving her by herself. 

"Okay?" she whispered to herself. 

Mrs. Connell started her lecture about spread sheets and acounting. Once they had a free minuet, Taylor walked over to Josh's computer. 

"Josh, why'd you ignore me back there?" she asked, sitting down next to him. He stared blankly at the computer screen. 

"What did I do?" 

"Just go away Taylor. Leave me alone." 

He picked up his stuff and walked out of the classroom. A few girls behind her giggled. 

"Stop being so pathetic, you already have Ian, what more could you ask for?" One blond girl said. 

"Slut," said another. 

Taylor could feel tears forming in her eyes and a dry lump in her throat. She tucked her hair behind her ear and walked back to her seat. Josh was just over at her house yesterday doing homework and now he wont even look at her. 

Once the bell rang, she gathered her stuff and walked out of the room leaving the giggles of the girls behind her. 

The End

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