Blocked InMature

A young girl is trapped in an abusive relationship. Her best friend Stefan is in shock when he finds out that his best friend, Ian, is abusing his girlfriend. He trys to help her and can't understand why she wont leave. She struggles a lot but will she come out of it? Or be sucked back into the world over and over again?

Stefan walked into the school building in his new football jersey, head cocked high and a wide grin on his face. He winked at the cheerleaders at their lockers, and high fived all of his buddies. He stopped at locker 65, where a short, bright red headed girl was struggling to open the locker door.

He stopped himself short to get a look at her. He thought she looked cute today in her  over sized, Freddy Kruger looking sweater and grey snow boots. He chuckled to himself. 

"Having trouble?" a deep man's voice said from behind her. The red head girl turned around to see her boyfriend, Ian, and his dark blue, bruting eyes. 

Seeing Ian hug her from behind set Stefan's mind back on track. Ian and Taylor had been an item since last school year when Taylor first came to Elroy High School. 

"Please open it," Taylor said with a sweet smile. Her cherry lips shone under the lights.

"Hey guys," Stefan said, smerking.

Ian nodded his head towards him. Stefan nodded back. Taylor smiled again making Stefan's knees want to buckle underneath him. 

The End

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