This is about a man who had to endure a blocked up catheter whilst making his way to Sinclair House.
The blockage resulted in urine retention.

Once upon a time, on a Tuesday morning Kevin Bernard was about to get ready for his dial a ride, but had to put up with urine retention because his catheter wasn't draining.

The trouble started the moment the man rose from his bed, and there would be no let up until 11.10 am, and'

"Wasn't it unbearable, a terrible ordeal, not being able to pass urine with the catheter.

Very shortly the dial a ride arrive's and it's time to go to the centre, but sitting on the bus the whole journey become's really unbearable, so much discomfort and pain because of an obstructed catheter, 'and the man has to make his way all the way to Sinclair House by bus, having this terrible urge to pee, but can't, and on getting off at his stop has to make the long journey down Woodford Bridge Road carrying that terrible burden, all the way to the centre.

On arrival at Sinclair House Kevin Bernard make's a beeline for the toilet.

Once in the toilet the man look's at his catheter with the hope that it should unblock, but it  doesn't.                                                                                                               He moan's and moan's, so much that one of the day centre members who happen's to be in the toilet area overhears him and tell's him to shut up.

The man soon leave's the loo, but, there's no sign of the blockage coming undone. He goes and seek's help, but just as he does he feel's a warm glow on his leg.                                                                                                                                          The catheter has at last unblocked, much to the man's relief. He then goes into the loo and find's that the leg bag has filled up to 100 ml, and after two minutes reaches 200 ml.

Now that the discomfort and pain have gone the man make's his way to the exercise room for exercises.                                                                                                       

The catheter start's to block up again, but, this time very slightly. The good news is that it  doesn't proceed any further. In other words doesn't get worse.

Come lunch the man make's his way to the dining room for his lunch, and as he is busy eating the catheter start's to drain twice.

Very soon it's time to go home as the day centre in Gnats Hill is closed, due to the staff being based at some other centre.

The man, after  leaving Sinclair House, make's his way to the bus stop.

The catheter is draining, but no completely, which mean's that there's still residual urine left in the bladder. Despite this he make's his way to the bus stop. The bus come's along and he get's on it, and whilst the man is making his way home more  blockages follow, but, on getting off at the Lord Napier the catheter start's to work properly again, and that continue's until he arrive's home. However the good times don't last, for the catheter block's up again - at teatime and goes on for one hour, then all is well until bedtime.         But at bedtime the man has another blockage. This goes on for 30 minutes.       Fortunately this happens to be the last for three days, but has to pay the price for this by waking up with a reaction to having a catheter in his bladder. This produces's some discomfort despite the fact that the catheter is draining so well.

The End

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