Blissful Ailing (part 7)Mature

The next morning, Shane woke up to the same voice he had the night before, “Shane, get up!” said Dominic. “Dude please just let me be alone.” replied Shane, slightly irritated. “Hell no Shane! I have a really bad hangover and I feel like I’m going to vomit, but we’re all going anyway. We all agreed we would have breakfast together before we got on the plane today.” said Dominic. “Fine Dom, I’ll go get ready.” muttered Shane, he got up and went in the bathroom to change, since he knew his friend would never shut up until he got ready. Dominic went into his pocket and got some Advil, and he reached for a bottle off water and took the pills. Dominic knew better than to drink too much, but he really couldn’t help it when he was celebrating. “Hey Shane, my memory is kinda fuzzy from last night. What happened? I remember me and Kay came into your room, but I don’t remember anything after that.” said Dominic just loud enough that his friend could hear him from the bathroom. A few seconds later Shane walked out of the bathroom, “Oh you guys came in. And then I told you guys Jasmine broke up with me, then you told some lame joke laughed like a little girl and then you left. But Kayden stayed and we talked for a bit.” said Shane. “Oh sorry Shane. I wish I could help.” replied Dominic, “But what did you and Kay talk about, she’s usually the helpful one.” “Well she told me that I was loved despite what I was thinking, and she told me that she knows someone who loves me. But I was kind of crabby so when she left she was kinda pissed at me.” said Shane. Dominic, unlike Shane, already knew that Kayden liked Shane, because Dominic had spent lots of time at her house one day when he couldn’t handle his mom and step-dad. “Do you know who she was talking about Dom?” asked Shane. “Shane, for a smart guy you are really dumb.” answered Dominic. “What?” said Shane, confused. “Dude! It’s Kayden! Kayden loves you. She told me one time when we were hanging out.” said Dominic. “What?! Since when? And since when do you guys talk so much? Why did she never tell me?” cried Shane, who was now thoroughly confused. “She’s loved you for a while Shane, she was just too afraid to tell you. And since the eleventh grade, it would’ve been wrong for her to tell you because you were with Jasmine. And we talk so much because we are practically siblings, you know since I crash at her house a lot.” replied Dominic. Shane sat there for a little while stunned at what he had just found out. Shane liked Kayden before, but he never thought she felt the same so he had never asked her. “I have to go talked to Kayden.” said Shane, getting up and walking out the door. Dominic chased after his friend, “She’s at the pancake place across the street. What are you going to tell her though?” he asked. “I’m going to tell her how I feel, that could be dangerous though, I hardly ever do that.” said Shane. “Okay.” said Dominic still following Shane. “Umm Dom? Can you not follow me, just because it’ll be awkward if you’re there too. No offence.” said Shane. “Oh um sure. I’ll just go to my room and get sunglasses. Cause there is no way in hell I’m going outside in the sun with the pain I’m in right now without them.” said Dominic walking back to his room. Shane continued walking to the elevator, trying to get his thoughts in order for what he was going to tell Kayden, and feeling like an ass for how he talked to her yesterday. As soon as the elevator doors opened, he ran in and pressed the button for the main floor and closed the doors, not even waiting for anyone else who needed the elevator to get on. 

The End

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