Blissful Ailing (part 6)Mature

Outside in the hallway Kayden was walking back to her own room. And she was frustrated. Frustrated with herself, for having told Shane she knew someone that loved him, he may not have figured it out then, but it wouldn’t take him very long to realize it was her she was talking about. “This is why you don’t drink often Kayden. You get just buzzed enough to let things slip that you shouldn’t.” she muttered to herself. But Kayden was also upset for the way Shane reacted to what she said. She knew that he was hurting, but she had always hoped that he would feel the same. Kayden had gone through difficult things in her past, but for her nothing hurt more than never getting noticed by the boy she had loved for so long. Kayden felt herself slightly responsible for Shane’s heartache, “If I had told him before he met her, he might not have had to go through this.” she thought to herself. Kayden then walked to her room, she, unlike her two friends didn’t go straight to sleep. Kayden laid on her bed and started drawing. Kayden was a great artist, her parents had always thought that she would go to art school and being a painter or something, but they were still happy when she decided to be in a band. A couple hours later Kayden had completely finished her drawing, which was a logo for the band. She then shut off her lights and went to sleep.


The End

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