Blissful Ailing (part 5)Mature


About an hour later Shane started to hear a voice, even half-asleep Shane could tell it was Dominic. “Dude…Dude…DUDE!” said Dominic progressively getting louder, “What do you guys want?” replied Shane opening his eyes. “We came to see you. So what happened to ‘I’ll be down in a minute’?” asked Kayden sitting on the side of his hotel bed, “What are we not cool enough for you anymore?” she laughed. “No it’s not that….Jasmine broke up with me tonight when we were on the phone.” Shane sighed. “Oh Shane, I’m so sorry.” whispered Kayden, giving her friend a hug. “Ah man, I’m sorry too.” said Dominic, who was clearly drunk and was slurring his speech. “Hey! I got a joke for you, maybe it’ll cheer you up bud. What’s blue and white and if it fell out of a tree it could kill you? A refridgerator wearing a jean jacket!” giggled Dominic, “Oh neither of you are laughing, was it not funny? Either way, I’m going to go cause I need to sleep.” Dominic walked out of the room slightly swaying and from the hallway Shane and Kayden him trip and fall on the table in hall. “That boy is so crazy, but I love him anyway.” Kayden said. “Yeah, we all love Dom.” said Shane, smiling slightly. “So how are you doing Shane? Is there anything I can do?” asked Kayden. “Not really, unless you can fix heartbreak, “muttered Shane. “I’m sorry.” said Kayden. “Why do you keep saying that Kay? It’s not your fault, it’s mine. She never loved me and I should’ve known better. I don’t think anyone loves me.” said Shane. “Don’t say that Shane! People love you.” cried Kayden. “Who? My family? You guys? That’s not the type of love I’m talking about Kay.” responded Shane. “Shane, don’t even go there. You know I’ve never had that type of love, not even once. Haven’t you heard the saying ‘It’s better to have loved and lost than never loved at all?’” said Kayden. “Yeah I’ve heard it. But clearly whoever said it is full of shit.” declared Shane. “Actually Shane you know what?” said Kayden. “What?” he replied. “….I know someone who loves you in that way…” said Kayden. “Oh really? What the fuck is wrong with her? Is she stupid? Crazy? A whore? What? What is it, cause clearly no girl in her right mind could ever love me, I know that now.” said Shane, now very cynical. Kayden got up and walked to the door, slightly irritated now, “You know what Shane I’m stating to get tired too. Maybe you should just be alone right now, or go to sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.” she said slightly cold, closing the door hard when she left but not slamming it. Shane muttered to himself and took his       I-pod from the bedside table and turned it on shuffle, listening to music always helped him to fall asleep when he was in a bad mood. 

The End

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