Blissful Ailing (part 4)Mature

Shane just stayed immobile in the elevator for a few moments, and then walked out of the elevator. He knew it wasn’t his floor but decided he needed to take a walk, so he turned to the left and took the stairs. He walked up the stairs slowly, after two flights of stairs he was at his floor so he walked to his room, opened the door and went in. He took off his shoes and then just fell onto his hotel bed; you know the ones with the itchy comforters. Then he just laid there, thinking about his whole relationship with Jasmine, the girl who ripped out his heart. He first thought of the first time they met, they were in eleventh grade biology and Shane was too busy writing songs to be paying attention to the lifecycle of frogs. The girl beside him was always giving him the answers when the teacher called on him, so he would avoid getting in trouble. And that girl was Jasmine, later he asked what he could do for her to thank her for keeping him out of trouble. The only thing she wanted was to have him write her a song and sing it to her. And since then they had been going out. After a while, they never got invited anywhere separately, they were always invited together because they were so perfect together. Shane now started to get angry, “She ruined everything. We were so perfect together…” muttered Shane. Because of what he just went through and the long day Shane started to drift off to sleep, not even dreaming since he didn’t want to even think of anything.

The End

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