Blissful Ailing (part 3)Mature

 A moment after, Shane stood up and walked to the elevator, when the doors opened he walked in but never pressed the button for the fourth floor. Soon after he entered a girl walked into the elevator, listening to her I-pod quietly singing the words to Over My Head. “That’s a great song,” said Shane quietly, “Yeah. Yeah it is, I love the cover, not the original,” said the teen surprised. Then she pressed the button for the fifth floor, and she glanced at Shane, “Are you going to press a button or what?” she questioned, “What’s that? Oh um, no.” replied Shane. “Oh ok then,” said the girl, then she stopped her music, “Hey are you okay?” “No, not really. My girlfriend just left me, I thought she cared about me. I guess I was just holding onto a fairy tale…..” said Shane letting out a sigh. “Oh,” said the teen, “I’m sorry. But don’t worry things always get worse before they get better, and I’m sure there is someone better.” “Sure there is, and I’ve met leprechauns at the end of rainbows.” said Shane in a very cynical tone. “Look there’s no reason to be like that, I know it hurts but trust me it gets better. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak.” said the girl. “Well this is my floor, so I have to go. But just trust me, you’ll be fine.” When the elevator doors opened the girl walked out, starting to sing again, then Shane was alone again. 

The End

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