Blissful Ailing (part 2)Mature

Shane rapidly opened his phone so he wouldn’t miss his girlfriend’s call and sat down in a chair in the foyer of the hotel. “Hey Jazz! I almost missed you there. How are you doing? We just finished our show, did you see us on Youtube live? I made sure we had a guy to film it, just for you babe,” said Shane. “What? Oh right your show, yeah I watched it. It was great, tell the guys I loved it,” Jasmine stated in a monotone voice. “Jazz, what’s wrong? Is it your dad?” questioned Shane, concerned. “No Shane nothing is wrong with my dad. Why do you always assume the worst?” said Jasmine. “Well something’s wrong, am I right?” said Shane. He was replied by silence for a moment on the other end. “You love me right Jazz?” asked Shane. “Of course I do Shane.” said Jasmine. “So tell me what’s wrong? It’s not fifth grade you’re not going to get in trouble. You can trust me hun. And I love you,” responded Shane, curious yet worried as to what his girlfriend was going to tell him. “It’s just, I don’t know how to say it,” said Jasmine, “You know what? I’ll just come out and say it, I’m breaking up with you.” “What? I’m sorry I was hearing things that I know can’t be true.” said Shane. More silence was heard on the other end of the phone. “Jazz tell me it isn’t true! Tell me it’s just a joke,” cried Shane. “I can’t do that Shane, because it’s the truth,” said Jasmine. “Why Jasmine? Why are you doing this to us?” demanded Shane. “Shane, it’s because I need you here with me. I need you here, not on the other side of the world doing whatever you want and falling in love with other girls. And I know this tour thing is a big break for you guys. So I know that’s not possible” replied Jasmine. Shane was speechless, so Jasmine continued “Basically, it’s me or your music.” “Jasmine you know that’s a choice way too hard to make,” cried Shane. “I know Shane. But it’s not a choice you get to make, it’s already been made for you,” said Jasmine. “I can’t wait through everything Shane.” “Jasmine, I swear I’ll never be happy again,” said Shane in an almost silent voice. There was a silence on the phone for a moment, which was broken by Jasmine when she said “Well Shane I know, you and the guys are going to celebrate so I’ll let you go. So….bye.” Before Shane could even say bye to his now ex-girlfriend, she had already hung up the phone. Shane just sat in the chair in the lobby of the hotel for a couple minutes; still stunned at the new Jasmine had just given him. Shane felt as though his heart had just been ripped out of his chest.

The End

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