Blissful AilingMature

I short story I started writing, I'm writing it pretty slowly. So I'll probably only post one paragraph at a time, so I'm so if there are cliffhangers :P


“And love is something we can’t comprehend. But I will be with you until the end. What I’m trying to say. Is that I love you every minute of every day.” sang Shane. The calm hung in the air for a few moments, and then the crowd started to clap. Kayden and Dominic rushed to the front of the stage to join Shane. “Thank you guys!” they all screamed out together and took a bow. Everyone of Blissful Ailing walked off the stage and into the hallway and started walk back to their hotel. “Guys I think that was our best show ever!” cried Kayden giving high fives all around. “Yeah definitely, that was the best we’ve ever played. Shane, you sang so awesomely and your guitar playing was great. And Kayden! Wow your drum solo in the third song, it changed my life. And I think the bass was pretty fantastic too, if you guys don’t mind me saying.” said Dominic. “You know what, I don’t think so Dom, I have to say the guitar was way better than the bass.” laughed Shane while giving Dominic a punch in the arm. “Hey man that hurt!” shouted Dominic. “Oh calm down you two.” said Kayden, while slightly pushing her two friends apart while laughing, “Hey did you both see the rep from the record company in the audience? I think this might be our big break!” Her two friends both agreed and said they did notice the rep. “It’s time to celebrate guys! Let’s go to the bar in the hotel. Good thing we’re all 21.” said Dominic. “The drinking age in England is only 18 genius.” laughed Shane. “Oh well even better, now we won’t be the youngest ones there.” declared Dominic. As the trio were walking into the bar of the hotel, Shane’s phone started belting out ‘Just Dance’ Shane quickly grabbed his phone from his pocket and silenced it. But by the time he had silenced it, Dominic and Kayden were already shooting him a look. “It’s Jasmine, she…she picked a special ringtone for when she calls me,” said Shane. “Sure she did,” laughed Dominic and Kayden. “I’ll see you in the bar when I’m done guys!” Shane called after them.



The End

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