Through the Glass (Special Chapter)Mature

  One simple action can change a life forever. One simple mistake, and it can turn everything upside down. He lay there bleeding out wishing for death to come and stop the pain, the waves of cold sweeping over him. People were gathered around staring at the teen. At his blood. At his mangled body. He looked almost as if he fallen in a blender. One simple action. One simple mistake. One outcome.

He was walking past the library when something had caught his eye inside the building. He walked over and pressed his hands and face against the smooth, cool glass of the plate glass window of the library. It was so big it covered a large chunk of the entirety of one side of the library. He stared in and was right. It was his girlfriend. But, what was she doing here? She had told him she was going to stay home and sleep because she was sick. Then the other guy walked over from behind of her and put his arm around her. She smiled. The man (the much older man) smiled. Before he knew what he was doing he was inside of the library and screaming at the man. His girlfriend was crying and pleading but he shoved her, knocking her into a shelf. A rainbow shower of books fell on the girl, knocking her out. He punched the man and felt a warm squish. He had broken his nose. Blood sprayed all over the library. People had begun to gather and stare. The man backed up against the large window and tried to say something. All he could hear was the pulsating rhythm of his heart and his rage. He grabbed a dictionary from a table. The rough leather cover made it easy for his fingers to grip. He let out a scream, tears running down his beet-red face and ran at the man. The man side stepped just as the teen reached him. The sound of the connection echoed for blocks around. He swung the book with such force, that he shattered the plate glass and fell through. Shards of the window had cut him on the way through, but as he rolled onto his back, the rest of the glass fell from it's position. It came down and exploded in a cloud of glass, blood and dirt. Color shimmered through the glass as it flew through the air, and sliced through the teen like a knife through butter.

His vision was becoming blurred now. He could barely tell there were people around him. But then he felt someone pick him up in their arms. A soft voice floated through his mind and painted a visual image of who it was in his mind. It was her. She was crying her heart out. He knew because her tears were falling onto him, and mixing with his blood. The saltiness stung his many wounds. He may not have gotten his first wish right away, but he got to be in her arms for one final moment.

What was trying to be explained to the teen, was that his girlfriend really was sick, but her Uncle had come over and offered to take her to the library to pick up some books. The man was her Uncle. But the teen will never know that.

The End

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