Five minutes. Five minutes until it went off. It would explode and fix everything. All of his problems, worries, feelings, they would erupt into a fiery spectacle unknown to most people. He would feel his bliss. There was one minute left, and then he saw her. She was walking over to him, a duffel bag in her small, delicate hand. He began to panic. Would she ruin his plans? Would she take away his joy? It would only be a matter of seconds now. She walked into his arms, his hands rested on the smooth curves of her hips. Her hands grasped at his lower back, sending electric velvet up his long spine. He felt her against him. He stared into her wide, green eyes. Her lips parted slightly and he leaned in. Their lips pressed together, and the soft flesh of their tongues seemed to meld together. Then it happened. It exploded and everything went away, his problems, his worries, his feelings, everything. Now there was only her, now there was only bliss. In between kisses, on inhaled breath, he spoke. "I love you." She was finally home.

Bliss comes in many forms, suicide, death, pain, homicide, love, we all experience it. So a question remains. What's your bliss?

The End

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