He had lost everything. He had gambled away all of his money, pawned all of his possessions, hadn't payed his bills in months. He sat alone in his empty apartment. His clothes were old and and moldy. He couldn't tell if the rotting smell was coming from him or the apartment. Tonight the landlord was coming to evict him. He would be put out on the streets and would surely suffer for many years. He wasn't going to let this happen. He couldn't let it happen. He wanted more than anything to be happy. He had managed to scrounge up enough money for one final drink. He slowly reached into a brown paper bag and pulled out the bottle. he sighed heavily. This was going to be sweet. With a twist and pull of his wrist the cap came off with a loud 'pop'. The man raised the rim of the bottle to his mouth. His wet lips wrapped around the opening, greedily, thirsting for the liquid inside. The man began to chug the contents of the bottle. He kept drinking, even while his throat and insides burned.

The landlord walked into the open door. The apartment smelled of mold and mildew, and there was another scent. The apartment also smelled of vomit. The landlord looked around, then he saw the man. He lay there, dead, in a puddle of his own bloody vomit. The empty bottle of bleach was still in his hand.

The End

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