Bliss (2008/2009)Mature

Chapters written in 2008/2009.

There is nothing greater than the feeling of true, pure bliss

Chapter one - "Falling"


  It was the greatest feeling he had ever experienced. Waves of euphoria; seemingly endless bliss. The knowledge that everything was going to be okay heightened his happiness. Wind brushed against his skin giving him chills. He smiled as his destination approached. He was going to visit his relatives that he hadn't seen in years. A tear of joy escaped his hazel eye. He felt it run down his cheek then felt it leave his cool skin as it departed for the sky. Soon, soon he would be there. The man spread his arms wide and let the rushing air soothe him. He rolled over onto his back and stared at the bright night sky. All the stars glistening. But he noted that they weren't stars. They were lights from the buildings. He saw the open door on his balcony, and his wife watching him go on his trip. He turned back over. He was so close to his final destination. So close to happiness and paradise. He closed his eyes and listened. Listened to the wind in his ears, to the sounds of the streets, to the people on the streets. He allowed himself to be lost in the bliss. He allowed three solitary words to leave his mouth and float up into the night. “Everything’s finally okay.” The trip had only taken about half a minute, but to him it was worth it. He had found happiness. He had found bliss. The man slammed into the solid concrete of the Manhattan city streets. Blood sprayed in all directions, dancing and glistening in the lights cast by the buildings. Sirens wailed in the distance and people screamed. There was no more wind, only silence. A woman stared from a twentieth story balcony at her dead husband. She smiled as she felt the wind begin to brush at her being. Tears streamed from her eyes and up into the sky. Now it was her turn to experience the bliss.

The End

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