White walls surrounded me. There was no door in the room, only the white nothingness. I was enclosed in a straight jacket. The only movements I could make were by squirming and writhing on the floor like a limbless slug. Most of the time, I couldn't even do that because of the drugs they gave me. I had to admit, they kept away the monsters. What had I done to deserve this? Was I truly sick? I whimpered. The sound filled the silence and echoed back at me. It sounded like someone was whispering, "Don't cry,"

I hadn't even thought of crying till then. The tears rained down, a storm drifting, clouding my thoughts.

Several years ago.

"Anna you are not sick!" A crashing sound, and a muffled thump followed the harsh words that my father had bellowed.

"Then why did he say I was?" I opened the door a crack. I saw that my father's eyes were red and bloodshot.

"I don't know!" My father roared back, throwing his arms in the air. He chose a few obscene words and hurled them at my mom. She threw some back in return. It was like a war of words. A war of words. I pictured the letters flying forth from their mouths. I giggled.

My father's gaze turned to me, peering out from the crack between the door and the wall. "Come here you little brat!"

I opened my eye and blinked away the tears that hung from eyelashes.

That night was the night of my first episode.

The End

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