No one told me that she had gone. No one bothered because no one knew that I had known her. I didn't see her again for over two months. Fall turned to winter.

My hope that I had found a new friend slowly died. I checked out books instead of spending hours at the library.

The clue came in the form of a cat. It started showing up at my house every night. It would yowl until it was given food. After it had finished eating, it would yell and complain until someone opened the door to yell right back at it.

My mother told me that it was a black cat with a collar. Whenever she tried to read the name tag which hung from the collar, it would run off.

One night, when neither I nor my mother cared to give it food or yell at it, I decided a new tactic.

I felt my way to the front door, opened it and stood there. The cat's reaction was to stop yowling. I knew it was still there. Somehow, I knew it was looking at me.

I took off my sunglasses and blinked long and slow. The sound of muffled steps came towards me. The creature rubbed its slender body against my legs, its neck vibrating with its happiness.

"How on Earth did you do that?" My mother murmured behind me. She hadn't startled me. I had sensed her coming up behind me.

"I have no idea,"

The End

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