His eyes were the color of a robin's egg, covered with a milky white film that only added to their beauty. His blonde hair was slightly shaggy, in extreme disarray. Perched on his noise were sport sunglasses with blue lenses. Because of this, the only way I could actually see his eyes was by standing directly at his side.

Bryon pulled the book from the shelf and meandered towards the second bean bag chair.

Our conversation had died.

I took my seat and plunged into my book, engrossed in the love story of Grace and Sam - Sam being a werewolf.

I stole glances at Bryon when I turned the page. I'm not sure why I even bothered. He was, after all, blind.

I gave up and slammed my book shut. Bryon looked up, a little surprised. His reaction to me shutting the book made me wonder if he had not always been blind.

I stood and hurried out of the room. Bryon called after me but I couldn't hear him. My mind was too loud with the whispers of creatures in the shadows.

The End

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