I did not encounter Sarah again until Saturday.

I rode the elevator to the second floor and manuevered my way through the book shelves to the Young Adult section. It was quiet, so there was nothing to cover the occasional sound of someone turning pages. As I browsed the books by running my thumb over the spines of the braille editions, I caught a whiff of a perfume called 'Au Revoir'. Sarah had worn it the Sunday we met.

"Hello?" I murmured turning my head towards the occupant of the bean bag chair.

"Hi," It was Sarah.

I smiled, "Nice to see you again. What are you reading?"

It would have been nice to see her again, had I even seen her at all to begin with.

She hesitated before answering, in a small voice, "Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater,"

I wasn't familiar with that one, but I nodded anyway, "Interesting. I'm trying to find Brisinger by Christopher Paolini,"

Her soft fingers gently wrapped themselves around the hand I was using to read the spines. I had been so focused on our conversation I had't even heard her rise from the bean bag chair.

She guided my hand to a book on the next shelf up. It's right here," She told me.

I smiled, "Thank you,"


What a quiet, shy girl.

She smelled nice.

The End

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