Star Bright, Star SightMature

I leaned on the balcony railing, watching the people milling about like tiny ants below. There was an event going on at the library that day - some famous author had come for a book signing. I was surprised I'd never heard of him. Because I didn't know him, I had no desire to meet him.

I had waited and waited for Bryon day after lonesome day, hoping for his arrival. He was the only acquaintence I had made over the summer. I clung to every bit of kindness he offered like a drowning person clutching at a rope dangling above the water.

We kept missing each other at the library. On occasion, he
would be leaving and I would be just arriving, or vice versa, and we would
exchange a few words. But no more, no less, than that.

 I wrapped a strand of my ebony hair around my finger and
twirled it absently. Looking below me, I observed two teenagers talking

My heart skipped a beat.

Just beyond them, the door which led outside opened and in
stepped Bryon.

The woman with him, his mother, whispered something in his

Bryon smiled and raised a hand in greeting towards the two

They made odd sounds in reply.

At first, I was confused. Then I realized why their
conversation with one other had been so animated yet quiet before.

They were deaf. I watched with growing fascination as he
communicated with them, his mother translating what they said because he could
not see their hand motions.

The deaf boys appeared to be twins, both with matching brown
hair and sharp green eyes, each tall and slender.

I fancied for a minute that they appeared like elves, complete with bows and arrows. I smiled at this thought as I continued to work the strand of my hair around my forefinger.

Bryon's mother caught sight of me, and touched her son's shoulder gently. I stiffened, standing upright, holding the woman's gaze.

He tipped his face up towards me, a smile playing on his lips. He told the deaf twins something which his mother quickly translated before swerving around them. Bryong was heading to the stairs. I could hear the beat of my heart in my ears, roaring like the ocean.

For a moment, I began to try to fix my hair, then laughed at myself. He wouldn't care. He wouldn't see!

"Someone's in a good mood!" Bryon exclaimed, appearing at the top of the steps with his mother in close pursuit.

I had the sudden urge to run up and kiss him. I closed my eyes for a moment and cleared my head. Where had that thought come from? He was just an acquaintance - wasn't he?

I was in way too deep this time. I drained all emotion from my voice and replied, "Not really,"

He frowned, puzzled at my sudden change in mood. His mother, behind him on the steps, tapped his shoulder and told him that she'd be downstairs in the romance section. A smile alighted on my lips at this - a woman's choice in books can tell you alot.

Remembering my predicament with Bryon, I wiped this expression from my face. Again, I had forgotten he couldn't perceive it.

He crossed over to me and stood in front of me, his eyes flicking back and forth as though he was trying to see me. To my surprise, he embraced me. I stiffened at first, then gave up.

He smelled like the ocean, fresh and clear. It was like a star had been dropped into the ocean of ink and paper all around us.

A bright shining star.


The End

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