The Boy and the DragonMature

He was sitting in a bean bag chair reading a book titled Eragon. There was an image of a blue dragon on the cover. Upon noticing my gaze, the creature turned its head and snarled at me. I closed my eyes for a moment. When I opened them again, the creature had returned to its original position. I couldn't make myself believe that the dragon hadn't moved, no matter how hard I tried.

The boy had sandy blonde hair and pale, icy blue eyes. However, they were a different blue than Pauline's. There was a quality to them that was almost reflective.

It occured to me, after observing him for a short while, that his eyes were not moving back and forth. Instead of reading the book he was staring at it.

He reached up, dog-eared his book, and shut it. Turning his face, but not his eyes to me, he said, "Are you okay?"

I was taken aback at his question until I realized I was still panting heavily.

"It's alright," The boy smiled faintly, "I'm blind - I don't bite,"

The way his eyes seemed fixated on a point far into the distance now made sense. Unsure of how to react to this, I stood, cautiously moving towards him.

"I'm Bryon," He held his hand out towards me, standing as he did so.

I slid my hand into his, helping him up. I finally found my voice, hidden in the depths of my heart, "Sarah,"

A woman's voice shattered the perfect moment, "Bryon! It's time to go home, honey!"

The woman was calling up from the bottom of the stairs.

Bryon, suddenly shy, ducked around me murmuring, "It was nice meeting you,"

He attempted to walk down the stairs. I saw what was going to occur before it actually happened. Jumping forward I placed a hand on his shoulder, my other hand steadying him by pressing against his chest.

He gasped, his eyes moving towards me. I found this odd. Why would he 'look' in my direction if he could not see? Bryon took a few steps backwards, away from me.


"Bryon? Are you coming?" I looked down to see a woman, blonde hair and brown eyes, looking up at us from the foot of the stairs.

"Yeah, sorry,"

Bryon found his footing and walked down the stairs to meet the woman. One hand clutched the railing the whole time, his knuckled white.

And then he was gone.

The End

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