Ever since the accident, Bryon has been blind. Ever since she was born, Sarah has possessed a mental illness that has no name and no cure. Star crossed lovers find their way in the world....


I remember the sea.

I would stand at the edge of the water, inching my way forward until my mother called me back to her side. One day, when this had occurred, I paused before returning to my mother. The sun touched the ocean, setting it ablaze with orange and red. The wind picked up and ruffled my hair. My eyes grew wide in fear. Then, like magic, a single star appeared, its light soothing my young, fragile mind. My mother slid my hand into hers and wrenched me away from the dazzling sight of the sunset.

That was seven years ago. The year the accident happened.




Then darkness. Like the sunset, my world was lit by an incredibly beautiful fire before being plunged into the night. My life became murky, an existence filled by only sound, feeling, smell and taste. And even those seemed dull in comparison to the sight I had once possessed. I was permanently depressed and prone to emotional outbursts. But that was before I met Sarah. She taught me how to see without eyes. It was she who showed me how to dream again. And I taught her not to be afraid to dream.

I will never forget her. Never.


The End

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