Mark woke from the same dream, covered in sweat the same way he always did. Every night for the last ten years, ever since he had been told at age twelve that he had been adopted he had suddenly begun to have the dreams. His adoptive parents had told him they would pass, now he was twenty two and still they came. Swiping the bedcovers from his body he picked up the towel he kept by his bed for just this reason and wiped himself dry. The intensity of the dreams left him drenched every time.

Heading down the stairs he passed his fingers over the strangely familiar yet unknown doorway under the stairs feeling as if he knew it from a half remembered dream as he always did. This was his routine. Walking into the kitchen he flicked on the tele and began to pour cereal into a bowl when he heard the reporter say " breaking news, we have just discovered that a freak storm has torn through an entire town in northern Dalton. No survivors have been found yet but authorities are still searching" Mark suddenly felt a chill jolt down his spine at the words. Running to the front door he knew the black clouds were coming from his dreams were coming. Running into the house again he found a sleepy Andrea making her way down the steps. Pulling her down the last two steps he ran over to the door under the stairs and somehow opened the ancient locking mechanism. 

With a loud groaning the rusty door opened. Shoving Andrea inside he called out to his dog as everything went pitch black. As the dog jumped into the shelter he shut the door as a ball of spinning light broke through the door. 
Freezing at the sight he felt the heat of the light on his face from when he was a child. As the light was about o tear through him Andrea closed the door, finishing the seal and saving their lives.

The End

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