The sky blackened as thick thunderheads rolled across the sky, a small child sat in the middle of the dirt road in front of the house playing with a worm he had found. As light died in the midday storm lightning crackled across the sky sending a burst of light to the ground. Yusef's parents called out desperately for him, hoping to find him before the deadly storm started in earnest. 

Just an hour ago the sky had been as clear as possible, not a cloud within distance of a thought to be found. The speed with which this storm came announced is as one of the infamous magestorms. Whenever a mage got highly emotional or intentionally invoked it a magestorm came forth. Anyone caught in its fury would be fried by the lightning. and if they somehow managed to survive or avoid that then pretty soon the potency of the magic needed to hold the storm together would suck the life from them, putting the lifeforce into the storm to  support itself. After its creation the magestorm ran rampant, a mind of its own. The maker could be destroyed if they did not protect themselves accordingly. Although magestorms had only started showing up two decades ago people had created a shelter to protect people from its wrath. Embedded deep in the earth under the foundations of houses the shelter had to be entered quickly or the storm would find you.

As Yusef's parents ran out of the house his dad scooped him up, dropping his worm and sprinted inside. As they entered the house, Yusuf's mum already in the shelter door a ball of light the size of a small dog raced down from the clouds and began to rip through the house, walls and debris slowing its progress. As Yusuf's dad got to the door of the shelter the ball of light ripped through both his knees and kept on going into his mothers chest before she could even begin to scream, sticking in her chest seeming to rotate quickly spraying blood everywhere and coursing electricity through her whole body. Yusuf's father, on the ground now coerced the ball out of the shelter, screaming at it and threw Yusuf into the shelter with his dead mother. As the ball raced to his father, the man shut the door finishing the seal and saving the child.

The End

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