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Misleading Motives

I sat down quite purposely in the seat that Camille was headed for. She slit her eyes and walked to another seat. The heat in Demine was worse than usual. The whole of the café was roasting. All of the windows were open. Beth was sorting out todays food behind the counter. Anastasia and Harry were chatting about who knows what, and Blake and Tommy were debating who would buy the first serving of food. I’d only just gotten back from the daily border check, along with everyone else. I was waiting patiently for dinner. Beth was quite obviously trying to shut Blake and Tommy up. My mind was muddled, I’d recived a worrying phonecall from my cousion. I remember her last words before she hung up. ‘Just…watch it okay? I-I think that I’m right…about that Café…that it’s a freakshow. G’bye…’ Anastasia wandered over to me. How annoying to have a psychic around. “I’m sure its nothing…” She whispered. I nodded.

“As much as I agree, nothing will hide the fact I think something more was in that sentence.” Anastasia smiled and shook her head. “For a Fallen Angel your very unsure of the world.”

“For a psycic your not very observent!”

“That dosen’t make any sense! Anyway, we have a


We all looked up to see a teenage boy walking through the door. He had golden eyes with huge pupils and orange hair. He was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt. His hands were in his pockets. His face was the picture of misery.He looked almost anorexic .He looked towards Beth. “Is it open time?” He asked. His voice was shaky, and high pitched. Beth smiled and nodded. He sat on one of the seats that were by the counter. Tommy smiled. “Menu?” Tommy had blonde hair and silver eyes. He was rather handsome in his waiters costume. “Y-yes…” The boy nodded. Tommy ignored his manners. Beth smiled. “Whats your name?” He seemed shaky, then he smiled. His grin was immense, it reached both of his ears. “Justin Kingfisher. 17.” He reached out a hand.

Beth blinked and shook his hand. Her mouth turned into a ‘o’ of horror. Justins face turned serious. “Whats wrong?” Tommy returned with the menu before Beth answered. “Y-your…Anorexic…” Justin blinked and let go of her hand. “Mmm. Yes I am. Con-di-tion. Born with it.” He split it into syllables. Blake walked up to Beth. He was the most recent to join, or rather rejoin are group. We’d picked him up yesterday from the airport. I hadn’t seen him since we were all children. He had shaggy hair and the darkest brown eyes. He was very muscley. “Beth, why did you bring that up?” He asked. Justin stopped him. “Please, just forget it…those muffins are burning. So is my jacket potato in egg.” Beth snapped awake. “Oh my god! Your right!” She whipped to the oven quick as a…well ….Vampire. My heart stopped. What if Justin had the wrong idea… But he smiled. Then he laughed. Suddenly Anastasia’s voice rang in my head.

He is not human. He is a Fire demon…”

I looked into her eyes. What? I said in my mind. She raised one eyebrow. ‘You can’t be born with Anorexia. It develops.’ I noticed that myself. Well Yeah, but that dosen’t make him a fire demon does it? I thought. Anastasia took a bite of the muffin Beth had given her. Your not seeing the point. He’s here because he knows we’re all not human. He is what we need to make this gang complete. How about we recruit him? I took a bite of my own. “Good point.” I said aloud. Suddenly I noticed Justin walking up to us. “Exuse you know the way to Denese?” Me and Anastasia exchanged glances. “Urm…well…urm…through the woods is the only way..” Anastasia muttered. Justin nodded. “Why’d you wanna go to a place like that anyway? Its just a crumbling old temple. The gold is prooved to be fake.” I remarked. He looked at me with utter hatred. His voice perked up. “I’m not going there for the gold. I’m going there for the archealogy.”

The End

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