Well, You Just Became A Warden

"Fair enough. Now, before we get all caught up in this, because heaven only knows what else is going to happen now that a detective is involved," she raises her eyebrows at this, pointedly staring at Sam. He rolls his eyes at her in the same manner she had, but the excitement in this quirk of his mouth refuses to settle. "We need to deal with Blue, and I mean, it's obvious he's staying here with me, but Sam, I know nothing about children."

Sarah slumps onto her mattress and massages her forehead with her fingertips, strained by the responsibility. Blue immediately clambers to her side, and Sarah peeks through her fingers when he wraps his hands to pull her fingers from her face. Finally noticing his nakedness, she leans away from him to stretch across the bed for the jersey still spread on the sheets.

"Right, my apartment is lacking on the nutrition and household necessities," Sam admits as she guides Blue's crown and arms through their respective holes. "But I could stay over tonight, although I've got practice in the morning."

"Really?" she asks with a smile of relief. Sarah tugs the jersey so it covers Blue up and her mood gently lifts with Blue's admiration of his new favorite shirt. "Thanks Sam. I know how busy you are."

"Not at all, sweets. I just wish I could do more with my schedule. But before I say anything further, 'cuz you know I would, I have to hit up the gym with my team."

Surprised, her eyes widen and she starts an apology only for him to silence her with a chuckle.

"Plenty of time for me to catch them," he reassures and strides towards her to bow forward and softly peck a kiss in her hair. "Now, don't fret while I'm gone. I'll be back in a couple hours. Just make sure he eats something and drinks his juice; he didn't finish it, like he should have."

A silent battle rages as the boys lock eyes for a moment until Blue turns away to smile at her attention. "That's simple, I can handle that," she verifies, but more for herself than for him.

"Awesome, so I'm off," he calls, quickly ruffling Blue's feathery hair, chuckling when Blue frowns, and heads out the door.

The sound of the door thudding shut at Sam's departure leaves the duo in silence.

Blue shimmies closer to her side, snuggling almost into her lap in an attempt to attract her attention again, and Sarah chuckles at the feathers poking from the collar and short sleeves of the jersey.

"We definitely need to figure out your clothing situation. This just won't do," she notes as he attempts to flutter his wings under the fabric constraint. He pouts, frustrated by the defiance of his favorite shirt to the whims of his wings.

The End

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