Sarah freezes, stunned by his leap, but mostly by the arc of his slow descent as the wings on his back beat with his excitement and momentarily catch air. His impact slams her to the ground, and if Sam wasn't there to catch her, she would have ended up with another bump on the head.

Blue pops his head up from her neck, his laughter a silent melody as his wings flex behind him. Her fingers cautiously reach towards his left wing with an itching mind of their own, and when he notices her endeavor before she does, he turns and stretches the wing closer so the light tips brush her fingertips. 

"So soft," she murmurs, stroking the long gossamer white feathers and tufts of down clustered closer to the base of his wing. "What are you?" she breathes, gingerly brushing her fingers over the area around the base of the wing.

It's smooth and flawless, and the muscles corded underneath and around his shoulder blade stretch and relax under her touch with natural ease.

A sound escapes his mouth and Sarah, startled by the only noise he has ever made, flinches her hand away only to recognize the sound, not as a cry of distress, but a giggle. Relieved that she hasn't hurt him, she grins, mirroring his contagious happiness, and without a moment's hesitance, tickles him under his ribs.

He squeals and his previous silent laughter finally awakens to a melodic sound that carries, like a cool, light sheet dotted with twinkling stars spread overhead. The chime of his high pitched giggles bounce with the same joy that is radiating from his flushed cheeks.

The End

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