"Blue?" she squeaks, but can't find any more words.

Sam breaks into a grin. "You went to get the first aid kit so I thought I'd face whatever was hidden under the bandages before you did, y'know, because of your silly squeamishness."

Sarah snaps her head towards him at the jest, ready to retort but he continues.

"So I managed to convince him to let me peek at his shoulder blades, I mean, on the court I see a lot of bones get broken, but his shoulder blades just didn't look right, so I unraveled the bandages and they just peeled off, then, Sarah, you see them. I wasn't sure what to do. I mean, they're feathers! Feathers! He has feathers, Sarah!"

Turning away from Sam's excited smile and twinkling eyes, she inches closer to the edge of the mattress, catching Blue's attention from the jersey spread flat on the sheets over his knees. At the sight of her, he greets Sarah with his familiar cherub smile and silent laughter, leaping from the pillows in a bound.

The End

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