They enjoy their lunch by watching the crowd in solemn silence and sitting on the edge of a fountain. The fountain is still on, but the water doesn't splash and waver by the edge of the basin. Blue almost abandons his hot dog to dive into the water, but Sarah quickly catches him. 

"You can't go swimming, not in this weather. Eat your hot dog," she reminds, and watches as he frowns slightly while biting the hot dog. Dejected at this disappointment, Sarah dips her fingers into the water and smiles encouragingly. Hesitantly, he dips his finger in as well, washing off the droplet of mustard as he flicks up water with a smile.

He abruptly stops playing with the water, staring intently at the surface. Worried, Sarah peers in, but only finds his reflection. "It's just your reflection," she says and his confusion peaks as he pokes the mirror-image in the face. The water flutters and blurs the image, but when the surface settles, his image is once again clear. Her concern vanishes when he brings his hot dog back to his mouth, watching himself eat with an amused, silent laugh.


The End

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