Bless YouMature

since halloween is coming up...

  Jane was sitting outside on a cold yet warm winters day. She was studying everyone at the university as they walked by, thinking about what they must be like or what their stories were. She saw a couple holding hands, smiling sweetly at eachother, and what must have been a teacher dropping his books. She loved to do this, just see what lives others were living. Also, since her last boyfriend had dumped her for someone else and her love life was none existent, she loved to attempt to feel the happiness of other couples that she was now lacking.  After about 2 hours of this, she decided to head to her dorm for dinner, movie and bed.

  In the morning, Jane was greeted by a smack in the face by a newspaper. When she yelped, her roomate Alli exclaimed "Just read it! Right on the front cover!" Jane read the title and suddenly felt nauseated. "Late night killer murders university student" This couldn't possibly be at her university? But as it would be, reading on, she found that it was her university. She discovered the name of the girl, Chazelle who was 21 years old, had been found in her bed, with her throat cut. Jane was astounded; things like this weren't supposed to happen.

  Twenty minutes later she got word that the university was calling a meeting for everyone to get together and talk about what had happened, and counsellors would be available to friends of the girl. After attending the meeting, she met up with her best friend Alice, who for some reason was in a great mood. When Jane asked, "How could you possibly be in such a good mood after something like this has happened?", Alice replied, "Well first off, I heard that Chazelle was a bit of a whore and was pretty much selling herself when she was killed. It doesnt make it that much better, but still. Second, I found this guy who's perfect for you!"

 Jane thought it was hilarious that that was what was on Alice's mind. She asked for his name and how the two had met. Alice told her that his name was Greg, that he was funny, cute, vibrant and... she had met him online. "You met him online!?" said Jane.

"Don't be angry with me. He started talking to be my accident, he said he thought I was someone else. We got talking, and he's really great. Here's how to contact him!" And that was all. Jane headed back to her room to wrap her head around all that had happened.

  She was lying in bed with her laptop on her stomach, when she finally decided to give Greg a try. She set up an account on the website she was given and added him. Immediately, he had said hi and they began to speak like they'd known eachother for ages.

 This went on for about 7 days, when again Jane was just lying in bed, finishing some homework and talking to Greg. Suddenly she felt a sneeze coming on, and when it came out it felt like the best thing ever. She said to Greg, "Sorry about that!" and he replied, "No worries, bless you."

  Jane was found dead in her bed the next day.

The End

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