Blended Lives

 I am selfish. Ok, maybe that is not the way to begin. I shall begin like this: Hello, my name is Martha and I am selfish. I don't know when or how it started but I do know why. You see, I have what I call a "rebellious streak" in my nature. It's just a streak, not the whole nature, just a little bit of it. That is why it is hidden most of the time. And that is why I am strictly ungenerous. According to stereotypes and books and films and series and shows and - convention basically, I am not meant to be this way. I lack the excuse. I do not have the mitigating (I read a book yesterday that used that word in a particularly satisfying manner and now I feel inclined to use it) circumstances like being overpampered, or having to depend on yourself, that will allow everyone to accept me the way I am. Rather, I am the elder sister to an angel named Mary (have you ever read the story of Mary and Martha in the Bible?) and it is expected that I worry and care about her and generally coddle her, shield her from the evils of the world. The Selfless Sibling. So due to my natural rebellion (which I have to remind you is only a streak) I have assumed the persona (another lovely word) that would be least expected or desired: the self-centered vain sister. And Mary has assumed the role of doting angel which fits her so well. But more about that later...

The End

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