Bleeding to Live...Mature

What would happen if I just took my hands off of the wheel? What would happen if I just turned the wheel? There are no other cars around nobody would get hurt. There’s a bridge just ahead maybe I could just look at it and the car will follow my eyes and go there.

I don’t want to die, I just want to let some of the pain out. If I bleed I know that I’m alive and the more I bleed, the more pain is going to leave so I can continue to live.

Maybe if I slow the car down just a little I’ll have enough time to steer the car.  Shit, I’m passing the bridge it’s too late this time, but it’s a long highway with lots of overpasses – there is plenty of time, let me just switch lanes so I’ll be closer next time.  

For now, I’ll just remember to breathe…

The End

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