Chapter 1-page 2Mature

The morning came sooner than I'd like, but none the less I jumped from bed. Going to the gym in the morning was much easier, and it seemed to carry me through the day more easily.

After my cardio work out, I jumped in the shower to prepare for my mediocre job I dreaded. It was more the people I couldn't stand then the job itself, but it paid the bills. The drive to work was a blur, and I felt extra spaced out today. The dream I had left me more curious then ever, and I hoped to pick up where I left off at slumber tonight.

The work day couldn't end soon enough, I let out a sigh of relief and I hopped in my car.

As I climbed the three flight of stairs leading to my apartment I felt a sudden chill, I surveyed all for corners of my sight. There was nothing, just the same emptiness as always. It was always dead silent, nothing exciting ever happened around here. Most people would see that as a sense of security, I merely saw it as a boring situation.I longed for something great from life, all I was ever tossed was broken promises.

Once inside I changed from my work attire into something more comfortable, and took my place on the couch. The weather was much to hot to be outside, and I didn't feel like being around company at the moment. Actually I felt like that a lot lately, considering my place in the world was an obsession.

I was never blessed with true love, nor was I sure I would even know what it was. From what the movies display, its both happy and sad feeling. I shook off the thought as I picked up a book on the end table.  Edgar Allen Poe's, "Essential tales an poems." I loved poetry, the words always put you in the writer's shoes, how they feel at that moment.

After trying to concentrate on the words that blanketed the pages, I finally gave in and headed to the bedroom. I was anxious to find Mr' Tall. dark and handsome from my dreams. I spent most of the day deciding how to react if I find him again. I wasn't exactly sure why he was of so much importance, but I could sense it.

I made myself comfortable, and drifted off to sleep.

The End

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