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"Wait," I whimpered as his lips traced my shoulder blade.

Every bone in my body hungry and alive, yet I still felt taken off guard. Years of waiting, and here I finally was. Nearly weeks before my thirty-seventh birthday, and opportunity stared me in the face. Teased and laughed at because of the words I spoke. The things I believed to be real, as others only saw them as legends.

My body quaked with eagerness as he jostled his pelvis across my back side. I could feel his excitement, large and hardened as he wrapped his muscular arms around my waist. I almost half wished I was dreaming, but there was a small piece of me that was grateful I wasn't.

"Don't be afraid," his husky voiced echoed in my ear.

I closed my eyes as he tilted my head back, and I felt his teeth pierce my neck. A rush of flurry took over my body, and the explosion of hormones  shimmied through my veins.

I peeled my eyes open, but I was alone in my room. The darkness veiled my sight, and the confusion stunned me. It felt so real, and the disappointment of it's illusiveness brought sudden sorrow upon my heart.

I have endured many dreams in the past I admit, but none as vivid as the one I just encountered. I can practically smell his sweat on my body, all I wanted was that moment back.

I rose from my bed and ventured into the bathroom. I stood before the large mirror, studying myself as I undressed for the shower. My eyes the lightest shade of green, a little smaller then I'd like. Yet unique and beautiful with sparkle. I stood average height for a woman at five foot seven. I was average in build, yet like every girl there was always desire to loose a few pounds. I was very active, regularly visiting the gym. Which was the result of my firm ass, which I was proud off. I had been blesses with decent size breast. I gazed once more as I turned to the shower. Turning the water luke- warm, I couldn't stand a hot shower.

I let the water fall over my body as I stood almost lifeless. After performing all the beauty rituals required I exited the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I caught my reflection in the mirror and I turn to leave. Water dripped down my face, and to my own opinion I felt beautiful in that second.

In my room I slid on some shorts and a tank top. I headed to the kitchen, although I didn't have much of an appetite. I settled for a cup of coffee and proceeded into the living room. I pulled aside the blinds that hung in front on the patio. The moon lit up the night, and the stars complimented it's glory. I slid the glass door open and stepped onto the terrace. I loved living on the third floor.

I took a seat in the glider chair and place my cup of the small matching table. I sighed once more with impasse and I adored the the darkness around me.

After hours of thoughts, I couldn't convince myself of any satisfaction. Feeling unfulfilled I dragged myself back inside, at least sleep made me forget the reality.

The End

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