This came to me in a dream, I'm not really sure where it's going yet. So I really don't want to give to much detail until I know myself.

The dark room screams silence as I jolt from my dream. Hair drenched with sweat, I scan the room cautiously. As I catch my breath his face comes back to my vision. His dark hair with all it's beauty. His hypnotic brown eyes watch me, as if to feel for the first time. It all feels so real, his fingers in my hair. His breath on my neck sending shivers up my spine. A lust bubbles inside me, yearning for him. Almost begging, desire consumes my soul.

The surrounding is unfamiliar, but I know I've been here before. His intention still unclear, I tremble as my beating heart thumps below my chest. He sweeps my long blonde hair from my neck, and kisses softly with ease. He lifts his lips, and I have a sudden urge to look back. What I see both excites and frightens me. I have dreamed of this moment my whole life, I have ignored the false accusations of it's existence. In my heart I always knew, when the time was right he would find me.

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath knowing things would never be normal again.

The End

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