Black Hole SunMature

This is a stream-of-consciousness autobiography. I don't really know how to organize my autobiography or what to call it, so I'm using song titles as the title of the autobiography as well as chapter (page) titles. PLEASE give feedback. I had a very dark childhood and I don't know when in the story to drop the bombs, and I'm pretty sure I cannot tell my story linearly.

I was born a lesbian and an atheist in Birmingham, Alabama on December, 25, 1990. I was born the same year that Madonna's music video "Justify My Love" was banned from MTV. Wikipedia says that it was banned due to controversy over its sexual content. If Alabama knew who baby me was going to be, they would've banned me from life.

My mother and my biological father (Rick) were divorced. John (my functional and adoptive father, the guy I refer to as "Dad"), who was romantically involved with my mother, was there to see me born instead, and he would be there for my mother and me and my eventual half-brother for the rest of my life. He swears it's the best move he ever made. When Rick died I was 8 years old, and they told me what happened, and I was silent for some time, and then I asked John to adopt me. All this meant was going through the paper work to officially make him my father. It meant changing my birth certificate to say he was my father all along. It meant my last name was the same as his, and my mother's, and my brothers - finally. When I wrote Rick's last name as my own, I felt like I was betraying myself and lying to the world.

The End

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