Bleak tail barrow

A little choose your own adventure story, that i want help writing. it will hopefully be great fun, and even a great way to meet more of you.
there story is revelant to a tomb so we will need curses and undead monsters. my writing is not to great but hopefully i will get better.

You have spent your child hood, looking at the small ruin of bleak tail barrow, wondering over the treasure, the curses, and what may lie below the earth you stand upon, but your curiosity has never lead you to actually enter the ruin itself, and no one from you village has ever dared explore it.

It’s been years, you have grown up, the new king of the land has raised the tax, and your village is struggling to cope. You decide to climb the mountain, and bring the treasure down the mountain yourself. No one else seems to be willing and you can’t see your parents suffer.

Before you go you decide to visit the black smith and the alchemist….

When you’re ready you set off, the whole village cheering you on, and the priest giving you a prayer, YOU in bark on your journey.

It takes you 3 days to reach the ruin, but your mission is too important, and so you enter without a break. you soon observe the area and see one path that leads north, a coffin in the west wall, and a few broken pots, what do you do?

The End

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