The rain fell. The lightning forked. A little shiver of slight apprehension shot down my whole body. I took one step and then another. One more. The perpetuated rhythm of my stepping began to hypnotise. I couldn't stop... The further I walked, the more I wanted to. The rain didn't bother me, not like it's supposed to, but I felt a twist of fear. A pang of something strange. I knew, something was about to begin.

The chiming of the church bells began and through the rain and mist, my surroundings began to materialise. The trees encroached on all sides. The moss, I sensed, began to crawl and the wind ripped through the narrow space in which I now stood. I didn't know what to do. The sense of foreboding coursed through my veins. I grabbed for my pen-knife, but I was rooted. Immobilised by an external force. I closed my eyes.. and waited...

The End

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