Blazing Sun

Joshua has a weird kind of addiction. Hurting and breaking.

        I brought myself to think that today I would be able to do what was right. That maybe I wouldn't try to break anything or hurt anyone, but I was wrong.




        "Joshua Burkley what are you doing?" a stern voice said from my right.

        I was indeed doing something I wasn't supposed to do, but I didn't know I was doing it.

        "Joshua Burkley do you want me to call the principle?" the same voice asked me again.

        "No." I said pathetically.

        Everyone laughed at my ridiculous tone.

        "Come with me. I've had enough." she said pulling my arm hard and walking toward a place I could almost call home because I visited it so often.

        I was greeted with a angry look as my teacher shoved me inside.

        "So what have you done now?" Mr. Mauk asked as i sat down in the chair on the oppisite side of his.

        "Breaking or hurting which one?" he asked as I tapped my foot on the metal rim of my chair.

        "Hurting." my voice rang in my head longer than usual, but I didn't know why.

        "Who did you hurt?" Mr. mauk asked me as if he was asking me if I needed a new pencil.

        "Mia." I said looking at my worn sneakers instead of him.

        He opened up a folder that had my name on it and marked off Mia for the seventh time.

         "So what makes you want to hurt Mia so much?" he asked as I continued to stare at my feet.

         "I don't know." I answered with a toothy grin. I knew I shouldn't be smiling, but I just couldn't help it.

        "You shouldn't be smiling, Joshua." Mr. Mauk sai not returning me his smile.

        "You will now be taking a special ed class after school everyday from now on." he said smiling almost exactly the same toothy grin that i had just moments before, but his somehow was frightning and scary.

        He pushed me out the door before I could whine and protest.

        This was officialy the worst day ever.


The End

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