Chapter One (Part 1/6)

While their parents talked with Cinderstar in the nursery, the four kits were still in the middle of the clearing. 

Blazekit was having a play-fight with his brother, Thunderkit. Batting aimlessly with his front paws, the small ginger kit was losing badly. His brother sat on top of him, staring down at him with big amber eyes.

"What, do you give up?" Thunderkit asked, licking a pale brown tabby paw and bringing it over his ear. 

"No! I'm a warrior. I don't give up!" He snarled. With a great shove, Blazekit stood up, knocking Thunderkit off balance.

The two toms pounced upon each other, beginning an entirely new play-fight.


After what seemed like moons, Cinderstar padded out of the nursery. Windwhisper and Brackenfire were following behind her, whispering anxiously between themselves.

Blazekit broke away from his brother's grip, staring over at his parents. Flicking his ears, he attempted to hear what they were saying, but it was to no avail. What are they talking about? 

"We're going for a walk," Windwhisper called over her shoulder. "We'll be back soon. Be good!"


"What is the prophecy?" Brackenfire asked as they emerged into the forest surrounding the camp. Leaves rustled under his paws, and sticks snapped all around him as they walked.

Cinderstar shook her head. "I can't tell you. Not right now. It's not the right time..." 

Brackenfire and Windwhisper exchanged questioning glances.

"You... can't tell us?" Windwhisper asked. "Why not?" 

"I told you already, now is not the right time. Just watch your kits. If they act strangely in any way, please tell me immediately. If you don't, the clan could be in a great danger..." Cinderstar murmured, staring at the ground. "I must go now. I've told you too much already."

With a dip of her head, Cinderstar streaked away, back to camp and into her den. Anxiety took over her as she sat down, shaking, in her nest at the back of the den.  "What am I going to do if they don't see the kits' strange behavior? The clans would be in horrible danger..." She whispered to herself.

The End

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