"Jinx what is it?" I ask her, my voice low. Her bright blue eyes full of worry and even fear.

I search her face, waiting to find out what Jinx has to say. Her eyes fill up with tears, some of them roll down her face but I wipe them away before they fall. "Emet. There's something I have to tell you." Her voice breaks as she says this, making me instantly feel protective over her.

"Emet." Then she tells me it all. She tells me about the child whos diary I have got, how we are suppost to have the next half phychic half shapeshifter kid. As she tells me all of this more and more tears start to fall from her beautiful face.

After she's finished telling her story I pull her close to my chest and stroke her hair softly.

"What are we going to do?" She sobs into my chest. I take a deep breath."I dunno Jinx. I dunno." I mutter into her hair.

She cries harder. I kiss her forehead softly, closing my eyes. My head is swarming. What am I to do? This was never suppost to happen. I was raised to hate all phychics not to fall in love with one.

Did I just think that? My god. I do love her.I love her with all my heart. "I might not know what we're going to do but I'll tell you something. " I say, tilting Jinxs head up so I'm staring into her eyes. "I'll protect you no matter what happens." And with that I put mylips on hers and kiss her like its the last kiss we'llever have.


The End

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