The window opens. "Jinx?" I say confused looking down at her. Folding my arms and leaning against the frame.

"We need to talk" Jinx calls quietly up mentally. I raises an eyebrow. She sighs then run at the wall. Jinx runs up and slip through into the room.

"How did you-" I whisper, shocked. She puts a hand over my mouth. She yanks it back as quickly as she put it there.

Jinx also step back folding her arms across her chest. "We need to talk...." Jinx trails off. Looking round the room. She sees Rege is in here. I smile softly.

"Will he...." She gesture to Rege. I look at him. Beforew I know it she's dragging me out of the room into the hall then into another room across the hall.

"This one's empty" I say. "What is it you want to talk about?"

"Us" She whispers looking up at me.

Us? Thought she didn't want there to be an us. Whatever is going on in this girls mind I shall never know. I look around the room, my face a mask, my expression not caring.

"What about us?" I say in a lazy voice, not looking at her. My voice and face show nothing but inside I'm eager to hear what she has to say.

"Stop mucking around and look at me Emet!" She says, her voice shaking. I do as she says.

The End

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