We need to talkMature

"Shouldn't this be the other way round" I hiss at Phillian who has almost taken a solid form but of course its not that solid. Its a ghostly image with her feet missing.

"Probably" her voice is an echo and I can only just hear it with my slightly stronger sences. "We need to get him down here. One, he has all the diaries. Two, if this tension remains between you two..... My heir won't be born"

"Why can't you find someone else?" I mutter but of course I don't need an answer. No other phychic would even think of breaking the law. For fright of death.

"Stop mopping about and do it" Phillian shouts. I shake my head then sigh. I pick up the rock and lob it at the window. It hits with a strong thud and I wince.

The window opens. "Jinx?" Emet says confused looking down at me. Folding his arms and leaning against the frame.

"We need to talk" I call quietly up mentally. He raises an eyebrow. I sigh then run at the wall. I run up and slip through into the room.

"How did you-" He whispers. I put a hand over his mouth. He looks shocked and I yank it back realising what I did.

I also step back folding my arms across my chest. "We need to talk...." I trail off. Looking round the room. His friend Rege is in here.

"Will he...." I gesture to Rege. Emet looks at him. Then takes my risk dragging me out of the room into the hall then into another room across the hall.

"This one's empty" he says. "What is it you want to talk about?"

"Us" I whispers looking up at him.

The End

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