Phillian Diary.Mature

I slam my dorm door open, ignoring my gang and Emma. I rush into my room and lock the door. I know it's Reges room too but at the moment he can do without coming in here, I've got more important things to do then to talk to Rege. Best mate or not.

I sit with my strong back against the door. I lay all the journals out in front of me. I pick up the halflings book. I don't know why but I'm drawn to it.

I open the journal and flick carefully to the first entry.

' My mother and Father have been taken away by the goverment, ready to be exucted all because of me. Of what I am.

I'm 16 and all my life I've been in hiding. My mother was a shapeshifter, she taught me all she could about her race. My father was a phychic and he did the same. Together the taught me how to control my powers and the differnce between right and wrong.

The only thing they've ever done wrong was fall in love with eachother and have me. There has been fights between the shapeshifters and the phychics for many years and both races made a law saying you can't fall in love with someone out of your race.

I know now that they didn't say this because because of halflings but because that's war. If you fall in love with the emeny it's certain death. But my parents fell in love with eachother.

They had me and ever since then we have been hiding from everyone. We stayed with the humans until mylast birthday. Until they started noticing that we weren't like them. We had to run but the have found us.

Now my parents are dead and I'm trapped here in this horrible prison-like cave. I'm not alone. There is a shapeshifter, a phychic, a werewolf, a vampire, a witch and a human. But even with all of them, I have never felt more alone in my life.

They  all think I'm a danger to their races. But I'm not! I want to help stop the fighting between all races not destroy them like these six think! They think I'm evil but I'm not. They are the ones who are, keeping me locked up and killing my beloved parents who have done nothing wrong.

I'm going to prove to them I'm not a threat, I'm going to prove to them I want to help. Hopefully before it's too late.'

That's the first entry. I've never been more confused in my life. The halfling was evil. She would of destroyed everyone. Everyone knows that. That's what we've always been told.

Maybe the halfling wasn't like our history says she was. Maybe she did want to help. I close the diary and rub my temples. I get to my feet and pick up all the journals and put them in my chest under my bed.

I start to get changed for bed in a daze.

I'm brushing my teeth when I realise that my sword is safely by my hip, ready for me to use. I forgot all about my sword.

I unlock mine and Reges door and get into bed, not bothering to take off my sword. I ignore the pissed off look from Rege. My head's too filled upwith the diary entry.

' They think I'm evil but I'm not. '   

' I want to help stop the fighting between all races not destroy them like these six think! '

The halflings written words are rushing around my head, making a terrible headache! Whatever happend in that cave is very different to what everyone thinks.

I think only the Old Ones know about what really happend in there and I've got there diaries. I'm going to find out the truth, find out what the races have been keeping from me. From everyone!

The End

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